[V3] Corona race meme (covid-19 growth by country)


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[V3] Corona race meme (covid-19 growth by country)

Published on 07-05-2020


Follow up video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDFJyooifAA
My third edit of corona live charts countries race (with data as of 6th May and to future?). I might went bit overkill with this one please forgive me.
This video was released for you as combined celebration for V2 reaching 1million views, me reaching 1k subs and it being exactly one month since last update on top of it.

For those less understanding this video is trying to point out incompetence in leadership of countries and irresponsible and selfish behavior of some of their citizen and not to make fun of any person that was diagnosed with virus.

Data source: WHO.int (in other words official World Health Organization data reports were used, their accuracy is up to every each of you as it can't really be fully proven the other way)
*Diamond Princess is cruise ship operating in Asia region with international passengers that was exposed to coronavirus early on.

Music: Manuel - Gas gas gas

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